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"I would certainly like to praise music with all my heart as the excellent gift of God which it is and commend it to everyone. But I am so overwhelmed by the diversity and magnitude of its virtue and benefits that I can find neither beginning nor end nor method for my discourse. As much as I want to commend it, my praise is bound to be inadequate. For who can comprehend it all? And even if you wanted to encompass all of it, you would appear to have grasped nothing at all."

--Martin Luther

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looking ahead



This is a chance for those of us involved with the traditional worship services at Faith UMC to check out the scripture lessons and sermon titles/themes as determined by the Revised Common Lectionary and our pastor. Or, if something looks good to you, and you happen to live in East Central Illinois, pop on in! (we're at 1719 S. Prospect Rd. in Champaign, Il)


November 2013

As far as I know, Wes is going back on the lectionary. Haven't heard yet.