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 "...now that she was doing something difficult and familiar and never quite predictable, namely lying, she felt a sort of mastery again....She had to be careful not to say anything obviously impossible; she had to be vague in some places and invent plausible details in others; she had to be an artist, in short."

--"Northern Lights" (aka "The Golden Compass") by Philip Pullman (p. 282)

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Pianonoise Radio

Relaxing Piano Music


Ordinarily I don't regard myself as a musical apothecary, but there are a number of piano pieces on this site that might help relieve tension, cause relaxation, and even sleep. These are some of them.


NOTE: to operate player--on most desktops the music should start to play immediately. Or you can hit the play button. On cell phones this may be very small, but it is the little triangle on the player. If you click on a title it will skip right to that selection.

*total playing time = app. 55 min.