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Alkan, Charles Valentin (1813-88)

from 13 Prayers, op. 64

Prayer no. 1

Prayer no. 2



Anonymous (?)

from the Robertsbridge Codex (c. 1360)


Estampie Retrove


from the Buxheimer Orgelbuch (c.1450-1470 )

Praeambulum super C

Redeuntes in idem

Praeambulum super F

Praeambulum super mi

Redeuntes in la


from the Faenza Codex  (late 1400s)



16th century vocal

This is the Day


Ashford, Emma Louise (1850-1930)

Postlude for Festive Occasions


Bach, Johann Christian (1642-1703)

War Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit

  War Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit (ornamented)



Bach, J. S. (1685-1750)

from 18 Chorale Preludes, Weimar Version

Komm, Heiliger Geist   Bwv 651a

 Herr, Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend   Bwv 655a

  O Lamm Gottes Unschuldig   Bwv 656a

Nun danket Alle Gott   Bwv 657

Nun komm, der heiden heiland   Bwv 659a

Nun komm, der heiden heiland   Bwv 661a  

      Komm, Gott, Schopfer, Heiliger Geist  Bwv 667a


Four Duets, Bwv 802-805

Duetto no. 1 in e minor

   Duetto no. 2 in F

Duetto no. 3 in G

Duetto no. 4 in a minor


Fantasia in G, Bwv 572 (aka, 'Piece d'orgue')

Fantasia in g minor   Bwv 542

Fugue in Eb, Bwv 552, "St. Anne"

Fugue in g minor, "great" Bwv 542

Fugue in g minor, "little"  Bwv 578


5 2-part inventions (C,d,F,a,Bb) 


from Orgelbuchlein (Little Organ Book)

Durch Adams fall ist ganz verderbt      Bwv 637

Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ           Bwv 639


Passacaglia and Fugue in c minor, Bwv 582

Pastorale, Bwv 590

movement one

movement two

movement three

movement four


Prelude in A Minor Bwv 543

PreludeandFuguein C, Bwv 547

PreludeandFuguein D, Bwv 532



from Schubler Chorales

Wachet auf, Bwv 645

Wo soll ich fliehen hin (or) Auf meinen lieben Gott, Bwv 646

Wer nur den lieben Gott l�sst walten, Bwv 647

Meine Seel erhebt den Herren, Bwv 648


Kommst du nun, Jesu, von Himmel herunter, Bwv 650


single chorale preludes

Ein Feste Burg  Bwv 720

      In dulci jubilo Bwv 729

 In dulci jubilo Bwv 729

Valet will ich dir geben Bwv 736

from The Well-Tempered Clavier

prelude and fugue in g minor (book one)

prelude and fugue in C# (book two)

prelude and fugue in d minor (book two)

prelude and fugue in f minor (book two)

Prelude and Fugue in G (book two)



arranged (Guilmant)

We Thank Thee, God, We Thank Thee (organ)


Bach, J. S. (possibly) see also "Krebs"

Fugue in G, Bwv 577, "Jig"


Balbastre, Claude (1724-99)

Quand Jesus naquit a noel

When Christ was Born


Baldassare, Pietro (1690-1768)

Sonata no. 1 in F for Trumpet and Organ (arr.)

Allegro / Adagio / Allegro

Jeremy McBain, trumpet



Berlioz, Hector (1803-69)

The Shepherd's Farewell
from "The Infancy of Christ"



Boellman, Leon (1862-97)

Toccata from Suite Gothic


Boely, Alexandre (1785-1858)

Postlude from Christmas Mass


Bohm, George (1661-1733)

Capriccio in D


Mel(anie) Bonis (1858-1937)



Brahms, Johannes (1833-97)

from 11 Chorale preludes, Op. 122

 Es ist ein rose entsprungen

  Herzlich tut mich erfreuen


Bull, John (1562/3-1628)

Gloria tibi Trinitas

 Praeludium voor Laet ons met herten reijne



Buxtehude, Dietrich (c.1637-1707)

Chorale Preludes

Auf meinen lieben gott BuxWV 179 
How Brightly Shines the Morning Star   BuxWV 223

Christ, our Lord, Came to the Jordan   BuxWV 180 

 In Dulci Jubilo   BuxWV 197


Canzona in C  BuxWV 166  (2014)

Canzona in C  BuxWV 166 (2019)

Canzona in G BuxWV 170

Praeludium in FBuxWV 145

Praeludium in F BuxWV 145

Praeludium in g minor BuxWV 163

Toccata in G, BuxWV 164  


William Byrd (c.1539-1623)

Pavane for the Earl of Salisbury



Cabanilles, Juan (1644-1712)

Pasacalles de 1st Tono


Cabezon, Antonio de (1510-66)
 (see also Josquin)

Magnificat on the Seventh Tone

verse 1 / verse 2 / verse 3

verse 4 / verse 5 / verse 6


Tiento no. 1


Cavazzoni, Girolamo (c.1525-after 1577)

Gloria Patri


Christmas Carols

Good Christian Friends, Rejoice!
In the Bleak Midwinter
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Once in Royal David's City
See Among Midwinter's Snow
What Child is This?
Silent Night



 Cimarosa, Domenico (1749-1801)

Sonatas vol. 1
(6 sonatas: C, C, A, A, Bb, D)

 Sonatas vol. 2
(5 sonatas: F, G, F, Bb, C)


Ciurlionis, Mikalojus (1875-1911)

Canon in Ab


Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel (1875-1912)


Impromptu no. 2 from "Organ Album"

  Impromptu, op. 78 #2


Correa (de Araujo), Francisco (1584-1654)

Tiento de medio registro de tiple setimo tono


Couperin, Francois (1668-1733)

Mass for the Parishes

I. Plainchant of the First Kyrie, en taille

II. Fugue on the Jeux d'Anches (2nd kyrie)

III. Recit de Cromorne (3rd Kyrie)

IV. Dialogue on the Trompette and Cromorne (4th Kyrie)

V. Plainchant (5th and last Kyrie)

VI. Plein Jeu (Et in terra pax)

VII. Little Fugue on the Cromorne (Gloria, 2nd verse)

VIII. Duet on the Tierces (Gloria, 3rd verse)

IX. Dialogue (etc.)  (Gloria, 4th verse)

X. Trio for Two Manuals on the Cromorne and the Basse de Tierce (Gloria, 5th verse)

XI. Tierce en Taille (Gloria, 6th verse)

XI. Dialogue on the Voix Humaine (Gloria, 7th verse)

XIII. Trio Dialogue of the Cornet and the Tierce (Gloria, 8th verse)

XIV. Dialogue on the Grands Jeux (Gloria, 9th and last verse)

XV. Offertory on the Grands Jeux

XVI. Sanctus 1

Sanctus 2


XIX. Agnus Dei 1

Agnus Dei 2

Deo Gratias




Daquin, Claude-Louis (1694-1772)

Noel I, Sur les Jeux Anches

Noel III, en musette, en dialogue, et en duo

Noel VIII, Sur les Jeux d'Anches, Et En Duo, "Etranger"

  Noel XII, Suisse, Grand Jeux et Duo



de Grigny, Nicolas (1672-1703)

from Veni Creator Spiritus

Plein Jeu en taille a 5



Diruta, Girolamo (c.1554-after 1610)

Ricercare on the Seventh Tone


Dubois, Theodore (1837-1924)



Dupre, Marcel (1886-1971)

Prelude and Fugue in B major, op. 7 no. 1


Dvorak, Antonin (1841-1904)

Slavonic Dance in g minor, op. 46 no. 8


Ferrari, Carlotta (b. 1975)
Ms. Ferrari's works are available on IMSLP via a a Creative Commons License (4.0  in this case)
or you can go here to access the score to this piece

Yankee Doodle Variations



Franck, Cesar (1822-1890)

Trois Chorals (1890)

Choral no. 1 in E Major

Choral no. 2 in b minor

Choral no. 3 in a minor


4 Noels from L'Organiste

Prayer from L'Organiste



Frescobaldi, Girolamo (1583-1643)

Capriccio Pastorale

from Fiori Musicali (Missa della Domenica)

post  Comunio


Gabrielli, Giovanni (c.1554-1612)

Fantasia on the Sixth Tone


Gigout, Eugene (1844-1925)

Grand Choeur Dialogue



Gregorian Album, vol. 1A

  1 moderato
2 allegretto
3 molto moderato
4 moderato
5 allegro vivace
6 tranquillo 
7 tempo di marcia assai moderato
8 moderato quasi lento
9 moderato 
10 allegretto
12 moderato 
13 moderato dolce (Finale MI)
14 andantino
15 allegro ben deciso
16 allegretto moderato
17 allegro ben marcato 
18 andantino

19 moderato
20 lento 
21 allegro moderato
22 andantino  
23 andante
24 moderato 
25 allegro
26 lento
27 moderato
28 allegro moderato
29 allegro moderato (Finale SOL)
30 andantino
31 moderato sostenuto
32 allegretto 
33 allegro moderato
34 lento
35 allegretto moderato (Finale LA)
36 lento maestoso
37 moderato
38 moderato assai
39 moderato
40 lento
41 allegretto moderato
42 andante (Finale si)
43 andantino
44 allegro -- grand choeur
45 allegretto ma no troppo

46 moderato
47 moderato
48 lento
49 allegretto (Finale ut)
50 allegretto moderato
51 moderato
52 allegretto moderato
53 lento
54 tranquillo
55 lento




Grollen, Karl (living)

from Festive Hymns, book one

Are We There Yet?


Old Hundredth

 This is My Father's World



Guilmant, Alexandre (1837-1911)

Introduction and Variations on an ancient Polish Carol

Offertoire sur "Fillii"


Sonata no. 1, op.42

I. Introduction and Allegro

II. Pastorale

III. Allegro assai



Handel, Georg (1685-1759)

Aria con Variazioni

Pastoral Symphony from "Messiah"


Hanff, Johann Nikolaus (1663-1711)

War Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit 


Josquin du Prez (1450-1521) / arranged (more or less) by Cabezon, Antonio (1510-66)

Tiento sobre Cum Sancto Spiritu from Missa Beata Virgine


Karg-Elert, Sigfrid

Nun danket  op. 66 no. 59
Nun danket  op. 66 no. 59


Kellner, J. C. (1736-1803)

Prelude in C

Prelude in C

Prelude in C

Krebs, Johann Ludwig (1713-80)*

8 Little Preludes and Fugues   Bwv 553-560

Prelude and Fugue in C

 Prelude and Fugue in d minor

Prelude and Fugue in e minor

Prelude and Fugue in F

Prelude and Fugue in G

  Prelude and Fugue in g minor

Prelude and Fugue in a minor

Prelude and Fugue in Bb

 (nobody really knows who wrote these pieces.
Some think it is J. S. Bach; others Kreb's father, Johann Tobias.

This is a guess on my part.)


Lamare, Edwin (1865-1934)



Lefebure-Wely, Louis James Alfred (1817-69)

from l'Organiste Moderne

Communion in A minor (bk2)

Communion in G Major (bk1)

Sortie in Bb (bk8)

Sortie in Eb, the "famous" one  (bk11)

from Vade Mecum, op. 187
Sortie in Eb (#70)
 (the other one)

Venite Adoremus


Lemmens, Jacques-Nicolas

Pastorale in F  (12 pieces for organ, op. post.)


Lidon, Jose (1748-1827)

Sonata on the 1st Tone


Marteau, Michel (living)

from Advent Symphonie

II. Invitation

IV. Nativity

Symphony for organ


I. Prelude
II. Invitation  
III. Protest
IV. Nativity

V. Meditation
VI. Interlude
VII. Commedia
VIII. Elevation
IX. Finale

from The Christmas Book


While Shepherds Watched

Masters of This Hall


Massenet, Jules (1842-1912)

Prelude in C


Mendelssohn, Fanny (1805-47)

Prelude in F

Prelude in G


Mendelssohn, Felix (1809-47)

Six Sonatas for Organ, op. 65

No. 1 in f minor

I. Allegro

 II. Adagio

III. Andante recitativo

IV.  Allegro assai e vivace


No. 2 in c minor

I. Grave - Adagio

II. Allegro maestoso e vivace

III. Fugue: Allegro moderato


No. 3 in A

I. con moto maestoso

II. Andante tranquillo


No. 4 in Bb

I. Allegro con brio

II. Andante religioso

III. Allegretto

IV. Allegro maestoso



No. 5 in D

Andante--Andante con moto--Allegro


No. 6 in d minor

I. Chorale and Variations

II. Fuga

III. Finale: Andante


Mozart, W. A. (1756-91)

Adagio for glass harmonica

Sonata no. 10 in C major K. 330 (trans. for organ)
Allegro moderato
Andante cantabile

Sonata no. 11 in A major K. 331 (trans. for organ)
Andante grazioso
Alla turca  

Sonata no. 12 in F major, K. 332 (trans. for organ)
Allegro assai

Variations on "Ah, vous dirai je maman" (2012) 
transcribed for organ by the Webmaestro

Variations on "Ah, vous dirai je maman" with narration (2014)
Rodney Woodworth, narrator


Muffat, George (1653-1704)

from Apparatus musico-organisticus

Toccata no. 6 in F


Pachelbel, Johann (1653-1706)

Nun komm der Heiden Heiland

O Mensch bewein' dein' Sunde gross

werde munter mein gemute


Parker, Horatio (1863-1919)

Pastorale op. 28


Pinkevicius, Vidas (living)
     posted by permission of Vidas Pinkevicius
     Vidas' blog can be found at organduo.lt

Mass for the 4th Sunday in Lent: Prelude           score here

Mass for the 4th Sunday in Lent: Offertory         score here

Mass for the 4th Sunday in Lent:  Communion     score here 

"Meinen Jesum lass ich nicht"                       score here

Veni Creator Spiritus
(2010)                               score here  


Pintaric, Fortunat (1798-1867)

 Pastorale in C 

 Pastorale in A 

Pastorale in Bb

Pastorale in F 



Praetorius, Hieronymus (1560-1629)

Veni Redemptor Gentium  (verse 1)

Veni Creator Spiritus 
verse 1    verse 2    verse 3


Praetorius, Jacob (1586-1651)

Grates nunc omnes

Huic opertet


Praetorius, Michael (1571-1621)

Hymnodia Sionia

Nun lob mein Seel den Herren (2012)

Nun lob mein Seel den Herren (2019)

Nun lob mein See den Derren (also 2019)

A Solus ortus Cardine

Alvus Tumescit Virginis  
Summo Parenti Gloria  
Vita Sanctorum  

O Lux Beata Trinitas

Te Mane Laudum Carmine

Price, Florence (1887-1953)



Raison, Andre (1640-1719)

Christe -- trio en passacaille

Christe -- trio en Chaconne



 Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)

Musette and Rondeau



Redford, John (d.1547)

Come, Savior of the Gentiles


Reger, Max (1873-1916)

Pfingsten  (from Seven Pieces for Organ, op. 145)


Reincken, Johann Adam (1643-1722)

Fugue in g minor


Salome, Theodore-Cesar (1834-96)

Grand Choeur in G


Erik Satie (1860-1925)

Prayer of the Organ  from Mass for the Poor


Scheidemann, Heinrich (1595-1663)


Praeambulum in F


Smyth, Ethel (1858-1944)

Erschienen ist der herrlich Tag


Sonoreaux, Pierre (living)

Cochoreau's Nightmare



Stell, Evelyn (living)
www.forthinpraise.co.uk  (blog)

copyrighted music posted with the kind permission of the composer and  the publisher, Fagus Music

10 Eucharistic Reflections

1. Adoro Te Devote
2. Light of Light (Picardy)
3. Ave Verum
4. Soul of My Saviour (Anima Christi)
5. O Salutaris Hostia
6. Tantum Ergo Sacrumentem
7. Gentlest Savoir (Princethorpe)
8. Wondrous Gift (Corpus Christi and Tynemouth)
9. Adoremus in Aeternum
 10. Praise and Thanksgiving (O Sacrament Most Holy)


Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon (1562-1621)

Allein Gott in der Hoh sei Ehr
Christe qui lux et dies 
Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ  
Variations on 'Mein junges Leben hat ein End'



Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767)

Chorale settings

Ach, Herr, mich armen sunder           Twv31-C4 
Alle Menschen mussen sterben          Twv31-G7  
(slower version)
Durch Adams fall ist ganz verderbt     Twv31-d14
Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend     Twv31-F22   
Ich Ruff zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ        
Twv 31-d25
Ich Ruff zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ         Twv31-d26
Komm, Hieliger Geist                       Twv31-F30 
 Nun danket alle Gott                       Twv31-F32

20 Little Fugues
Fuga 2   Fuga 3   Fuga 6   Fuga 12

Fantasia no. 1 in D
Fantasia no. 2 in d minor
Fantasia no. 3 in E
Fantasia no. 4 in e minor
Fantasia no. 5 in F
Fantasia no. 6 in f


Eduardo Torres (1872-1934)

Saeta IV


Tunder, Franz (1614-1667)

Canzona (from inside pipe room)
Praeludium in F


Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958)

Three Preludes Founded on Welsh Tunes (1920)

Prelude on "Bryn Calfaria"

Prelude on "Rhosymedre"

Prelude on "Hyfrydol"


Vierne, Louis

from 24 pieces in free style

Final from Symphonie no. 1


Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741)/arr. Bach

Concerto in A minor, op. 3 n. 8, RV522/Bwv593
I. (Allegro)
II. Adagio
III. Allegro



Walther, Johann Gottfried (1684-1748)

Ein feste Burg



Wesley, Samuel (1766-1837)

Prelude and Fugue in D


Widor, Charles-Marie (1844-1937)

Toccata from Symphonie no. 5 (2012)

  Toccata from Symphonie no. 5 (2021)


Yon, Pietro (1886-1943)

Humoresque "L'Organo Primitivo" (Toccatina for Flute)



Zipoli, Domenico (1688-1726)


Toccata all offertorio 

Toccata al post comunio

  Toccata al Post Comunio

total time = 23:18:29
(piano = 17:35:27)
both piano and organ = 41:23:50
[as of 4/30/22]

over 338 recordings /app. 76 composers
builders represented: Austin, von Bekerath, Casavant, Dobson, Holtkamp, Moeller, Reuter, Schantz, Wicks, Zimmer; Allen
piano and organ total: over 649




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