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The OLLI page: Amadeus  Myth or Reality?

Michael Hammer
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click here for Handouts:
    Class one lecture outline
       handout: Josephinian Reforms in Vienna

week one
  Just the facts, ma'am. Antonio Salieri, Wolfgang Mozart, and Emperor Joseph II.

here's a recording of something I did not play in class:

Rondo in D Major by Mozart 

interesting links:

history buffs: Amadeus
   an entire 30 minute episode in this series dedicated to the historical truthfulness of the movie.

Composer's date book for May 7, 2018: Salieri dies in 1825.  A look back at things that happened on this day in history, with the inevitable question about Salieri's most despicable act...allegedly.

rehabilitating Salieri (bbc) Maybe Salieri wasn't such a bad chap after all.

Salieri online A brief bio of the man behind the movie mask.

Mozart tower a tower in Germany is dedicated to streaming Mozart's music on-demand 24/7. So if you wake up at 3am with a need for Mozart, check it out. The complete works of the composer in every genre are available here. Warning: may not be so easy to navigate.

two portraits of Emperor Joseph II. One from a very positive perspective, the other showing his darker side:

Joseph the Revolutionary Emperor, from World History.biz

Executed Today.com

week two
"Now for the real fire!"
Recipe for a drama

Clementi: Sonata in Bb, Op. 47, n.2
   I: Allegro con brio
interesting links:

roger ebert's review of Amadeus:

myth, muzak and Mozart, from the Guardian:

and now for something totally off the wall, but I'm sure the young people all love it:

read about a piece of music discovered in 2015 that was jointly composed by Mozart and Salieri!

week three
"too many notes"

Variations on a theme by Salieri, "Mio caro adone" k. 180/173c

interesting links:
somebody wanted to know some inside information about that scene in the movie when Salieri and Mozart meet for the first time, and they got their answer: https://www.quora.com/What-Salieri-piece-did-Mozart-embellish-in-front-of-the-emperor-in-the-movie-Amadeus

Salieri piano concerto yes, Virginia, Salieri did write a piano concerto, although most of his works are operas (unlike Mozart, who was prolific in all fields). Listen to it here.

da ponte's wikipedia page Mozart's librettist for 3 successful operas, Lorenzo da Ponte was, to say the least, one very interesting guy.

A musical joke (Ein Musikaler Spass) Mozart wrote this piece (it is thought) in order to have fun at the expense of the other composers of the time. Well before Peter Schikele (PDQ Bach) there came this parody, which points out all manner of mistakes his colleagues supposedly made when they wrote their compositions. rude? sure. And pretty funny.

if you didn't get all the humor on the first pass, you can read about some of the things Mozart does in the piece above in
this article

The movie Amadeus in 30 seconds. This youtuber has zereoed in on the essential element in the film (sort of).
week four
 Father figures

interesting links:
week five
"Whose Requiem is it, anyway?"

interesting links:

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