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Listen to an hour of piano or organ music from the pianonoise archives. All from the fingers of Michael Hammer, webmaestro, concert pianist and organist.

The Current program: The Power of Three. There seems to be something important, and basic, about the number three. From fairy tales to religious symbols to piano sonatas, groups of three are often the standard. Erik Satie frequently wrote in groups of three nearly identical sounding pieces, as in his three Gymnopedies and three Gnosseries, but other composers have used the three movements of a sonata or suite as contrast between tempo and mood, as in fast-slow-fast. Beethoven used the three movements of his "Moonlight" sonata to accelerate the tempo from a languid exploration of sonority to a feverish climax, while all of Vaughan Williams's hymn studies are of a dignified character. There are only 27 tracks here--three times three times three--but there could be many more. Perhaps a trilogy of programs! But for now, let's take the next 99 minutes and take note of The Power of Three.

*total playing time = 99 minutes


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