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Listen to an hour of piano or organ music from the pianonoise archives. All from the fingers of Michael Hammer, webmaestro, concert pianist and organist.

The Current program: Lunchtime at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Pittsburgh , PA, USA. If you're in the neighborhood and would like a free 30 minute organ recital on Wednesdays at 12:30, there are more concerts through the 30th of October. This was just the opening salvo in the fall season (I played there on Sep. 25). Thanks to cathedral organist and choirmaster David Schaap for the invitation. Due to limited time, the recordings below are not from the cathedral organ (I'll have to work those in later) but represent previous recordings of the pieces in the order in which they appeared on the program. Enjoy!

playing time = 32 min.


Want to ask a question about the music, have an idea for future programs, want to make a comment or just say hello?
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