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Listen to an hour of piano or organ music from the pianonoise archives. All from the fingers of Michael Hammer, webmaestro, concert pianist and organist.

The Current program: The Current program: Music for a Stressful Time: Album Gregorien by Eugene Gigout.  This curious collection of 55 short pieces seems to be a series of reflections on chant motives. I have yet to find any documentation on why Gigout wrote it: while there are a number of collections of short pieces (often for harmonium) by French 19th century organ composers, this one seems to be of a different sense entirely. Perhaps the pieces were written for various places within the masses when a short amount of music was needed. Some of them are less than 15 seconds long; others, around a minute. They are built on the old church modes, but while the first of four volumes includes a group of pieces with each white note as the "tonic," there are only two actual modes in use. Rated MM for Meditative Majesty.

*total playing time = app. 53 min.