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Listen to an hour of piano or organ music from the pianonoise archives. All from the fingers of Michael Hammer, webmaestro, concert pianist and organist.

The Current program: Music for the organ recital I gave at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Upper St. Clair, PA. Due to various issues ranging from lack of time to technical incompetence on my part, this is not a live recording of the recital; in fact, only the Lefebre-Wely was recorded on the fine Austin organ on which I played the concert (though I may be able to post more of those later). The first two come from a Schantz organ in Illinois, and were recorded several years ago, and the last was recorded a week before the concert on a Casavant near Cincinnati, Ohio where I happened to be giving a piano recital. Still, going on my usual idea that it is the music I played that is important rather than always being on location (and current) here is the program in the order in which it was played. Next month, I'll do something similar when I post the music for the St. Paul Cathedral concert, the live recording of which will at some point be broadcast on the classical radio station here in Pittsburgh, WQED, which streams around the world. I'll let you know when that happens. Meantime, here is some of my recent and not as recent organ playing! Enjoy.

p.s. Pittsburgh area persons (yinzers) can still attend the remaining concerts in the Westminster summer series. These concerts take place on Thursdays at 5 p.m. to coincide with the farmer's market across the street. On July 11, Chaz Bowers, recently elected dean of our guild chapter, will perform. On July 18, you can hear Stephen Schall, and on July 25 Daniel Ficcari performs. The concerts are 30 minutes long and FREE. (donations gratefully accepted).  click the poster on the right for more details.

*total playing time = app. 30   minutes

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