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welcome to PIANONOISE!             February edition


Featured Recording It's finally time to feature the special choral service from last November at Sewickley Presbyterian Church. "Hymns of Hope" explores different ways of longing for a better future in music. This time the choir is mostly a capella (save for a little piano accompaniment). The "official" choral presentation is in two parts, the first of which is cued up; the second begins at 30:35, (if you want to skip the children's sermon). Although, the second portion ends at 45:48, there is a hymn sing (without instruments!) and we finish with another choral piece as our postlude (1:06:35). And if you are really a glutton for punishment, I made a 30 minute video that talks about what we are doing and why, along with stuff about hymns, the composers of the music we're singing, and a little bit of the history of our church. It's right here.